Monthly Archive: April, 2008

Pop Dreams & Scenes

Here’s the first in Meatskulls dip into the whirlpool world of pop music. Heavy on melody, a pinch of strange and breathtaking beauty, this series is one for the daydreamers, the lovers and… Continue reading

Well Turned Out Vol 6

01 Der Geist in der Muschel – We Can Do It! 02 Force Of Nature – Transmute Still Going (Remix) 03 Siobhan Donaghy – Don’t Give Up (Carl Craig Vox remix) 04 Coyote… Continue reading

Well Turned Out Vol 5

01 Low Motion Disco- Love Love Love (Aeroplane Remix) 02 40 Thieves- Theme From Nutrider 03 Speck Mountain – Backslide 04 Daniele Baldelli-Safari Vibes 05 Clone Machine-Clone Machine (DXR Mix) 06 Erlend Oye… Continue reading

Well Turned Out Vol 4

01 Superimposers – Golden.mp3 02 The Opiates – I’m Not Simone Choule.mp3 03 Tobacco – Hairy Candy.mp3 05 Toe – Velvet Blanc.mp3 06 Blackbelt_Andersen – Syrup.mp3 07 Neon_Neon – I Lust You (feat._cate_lebon).mp3… Continue reading

Well Turned Out Vol 3

01 The Nouralla Brothers – A Morning Cigarette.mp3 02 The Mobius Band – Digital Love.mp3 03 Kelpe – Skylla.mp3 04 Tommy McCook – Confucious.mp3 05 Quasimoto – Broad Factor (2tall rmx).mp3 06 King… Continue reading

Feelin’ Ferdie’s Blues

A thouroughly Mod mix tonight. Raw R&B, soulful steppers and pop art explosions stretched over 22 tracks. I tried to make it reasonably obscure, so get on yer best suit and hit the… Continue reading

Dustbowl Odyssey

Another day, another Meatskull mixed compilation. This time around, it’s a dip into modern Americana mixing bluegrass, folk, blues and country. Enjoy. 01 Samamidon – Falsehearted Chicken.mp3 02 Shelley Short- Godamn Thing.mp3 03… Continue reading

Well Turned Out Vol 2

Volume 2 of Well Turned Out. Another mixed bag of dancefloor, relaxation and cereberal listening. Well Turned Out Vol. 2 by Meatskull 01 Secede – Born in a Tropical Swamp (kettel remix).mp3 02… Continue reading

Piano Pounders

Grab yer Vicks and enjoy a return to the very early 90’s for a batch of tunes ranging from proto-jungle hardcore to floating synth driven numbers to big hands in the air joints.… Continue reading

Well Turned Out

My first compilation for your listening pleasure. It’s a pretty groovy affair chock full o’ brand new tunes that the cool kids will no doubt love. 01 Paul Simon – Diamonds Dub (Tangoterje… Continue reading

It’s a Meat Meat World

Meatskull aims to bring you a wide variety of top quality music. I hope you find some life changing/affirming songs within. Themed compilation requests welcomed! Meatskull