Forbidden Ensemble – P*rno Soundtracks Vol.1

Forbidden Ensemble released their “P*rno Soundtracks Volume 1” and boy is it a good one! I can’t stop listening to it. It’s that good! Let’s hear what the project is all about: “It stirs your imagination, that’s for sure: put three professional musicians in a studio and … have them watch porn? Well, it might not turn out as nasty as you might think.

These guys put a bunch of vintage emmanuelle movies on a laptop, muted the sound and created a complete new soundtrack for it. Played on real drums, guitar and keyboard it was recorded in a week, with another week for post-production. The post-production part is quite important it seems, as the whole songs were put through countless filters and effects to give it that typical vintage sound. Even record scratches and pops were added – making it almost indistinguisable from old recordings of that time. What’s most amazing, these guys give their album away for free, and with 30000+ downloads via a torrent file you can mildly say it’s quite a success :)”. Via The Inferno Music Crypt

Check out the website to keep up to date on future projects.


  1. Sonny darling, I’m having a shower now (3:44)
  2. Goodmorning ma’am (4:09)
  3. Please come in (4:20)
  4. This way please (5:11)
  5. I want to have the master bedroom decorated first (4:47)
  6. This is it (5:07)
  7. Oh certainly madam, of course (1:51)
  8. We have to take some measurements first (3:13)
  9. My assistant will take notes (3:41)
  10. Of course, this way madam – I want to show you the bathroom first (4:09)
  11. I prefer a female opinion on the new color (5:45)


Emmanuelle – Opening & Closing Theme