Well Turned Out Vol 13

Quite a number is 13. It has a bad rap at times – for example, certain hotels exclude it’s presence due to superstitious guests. In the 50’s and 60’s, it’s coded letter equivalent “M” (the 13th letter of the alphabet)was a slang term for pot amongst the heads and beatniks. Here at Meatskull, it’s a cause for celebration as it’s the current volume of the Well Turned Out series of compilations and for you, that means another bunch of great tunes to enjoy.

01 Tom Caruana – Sailing The Sea Of Tea
02 Del Shannon – Gemini
03 Dave Pike Set – Professor Porno’s Romance
04 Pablie – Trying Jazz
05 King General Up Pon De Bush Chemists – Hot Stepper
06 Minataur Shock – This Plane Is Going To Fall
07 Jean-Pierre Massiera and Bernard Torelli – Knockout
08 Kettel – Embolaze (remixed by Max)
09 SCSI-9 – Autumn Love
10 Flying Lotus – My Chippy
11 Bim Sherman – Love in the Ghetto
12 Honeyboy Martin – Dreader Than Dread
13 Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Going Up the Country
14 Slim Gaillard – Laughin’ in Rhythm
15 Fleetwood Mac & Christine Perfect – I’m On My Way
16 Neil Young – Will To Love
17 Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – New Partner
18 Songs: Ohia – Coxcomb Red (Joe Beats Mix)
19 Fernanda Takai – Insensatez
20 33Hz – Paris Texas (Gentlemen Drivers Remix)
21 James Last – Slaughter on 10th avenue


Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Goin’ Up The Country