That Ambiant Tape

Broke brings the noise once again with an old mixtape of EZ listening pearls. I’ll let him tell you all about it.

“Back in 1998 when I’d just moved to London, a friend of mine and I did this sort of wannabe-Skratch Piklz turntablist performance at a bar in Soho. The DJ who was on before us was playing some great old funk and soul and I told him how much I enjoyed his set. Later on he came up to me and gave me three cassettes (r.i.p.), labelled ‘Disco’, ‘Funk’ and ‘Ambiant’. I had either sold or left most of my vinyl in Sydney (thanks to Degrassi for looking after that crate!), so these tapes were on heavy rotation for a while.

The one that really grew on me the most was the ‘Ambiant’ tape, which ironically contains nothing that you could call ‘ambient’ as such. Instead it’s a great compilation of downtempo, future jazz and electronica that to this day always makes friends ask “oh i like this, what is it?” to which I can only reply, “It’s that ‘ambiant’ tape”.

As you can see from the scan, the tracklisting was far from detailed. In those pre-Discogs, pre-Soulseek, new-to-eBay, web1.0 days, I had a hard time hunting down all the tracks (which I decided I needed to own). But thanks to a couple of record fairs and the Interweb, I got there in the end… well, except for that one track, “Ben’s Tune”. If anyone knows what that actually is, please let me know. As it turns out, I could have just bought The Future Sound of Jazz vol 1 and I’d have been a quarter of the way there, but I could never seem to find the LP.”

01  Frederic Galliano – Plis Infinis No. 3
02  Aqua Bassino – When The Bird Flies
03  Aqua Bassino – Na Na’s Waltz
04  Hunch – Is This The Place?
05  Funky Porcini – It’s A Long Road
06  Sapien – Gato De Oro (High Moon Mix)
07  Ouside – Transmigration
08  The Cinematic Orchestra – Diabolus
09  (Unknown) – (Ben’s Tune)
10  Ian O’Brien – Dayride
11  Vango Noir – On The Sly
12  Luke Vibert – Slipped Disc
13  The Irresistible Force – The Lie-In King