Rock Savage Re-Edits


A set from funk soul brother Rock Savage. Here he twists on some killer creations for your new fangled ipod pleasure. Tell ‘em how it is rock….

“As a little change i thought i would post some of the extended and re-edited mixes i have done for playing at that all important jam.

In some cases the changes are simple, such as an extension of a cool drum break like “california soul” by marlena shaw, while others like “hang on sloopy” by the supremes have been completely re-arranged. Also there are 2 extended versions of songs that were split in their original form “hook & sling” by eddie bo and “supernatural thing” by ben e. King. I have added some kitschy stuff too.

As for a track listing i will leave it as a surprise but jazz, soul and funk are some of the genres. There are 22 different tracks. Hope you enjoy it! “


Be sure to visit his website for a trunkload of funk for free, including Rock’s own albums and ep’s as well as compilations, re-mixes and much more.