Keytars & Violins – Disco?Mix


From the wonderful mob over at Keytars & Violins. Disco for your dancin’ disposition.

Freddy The Flying Dutchman & The Sistina Band – Wojtyla Disco Dance
Yan Tregger – Girls Will Be Girls

Torch Song – Prepare To Energize

Bronx Irish Catholics – Ulster Defence

In Flagranti – Mothers Love

Amplified Orchestra – Kebec 1

A Number Of Names – Sharevari
Unknowmix – The Siren

Putsch ’79 – Gibson (Dub Mix)
40 Thieves – Shake & Bounce
Lexx – Disco L

Allez Allez – She’s Stirring Up (Optimo Drum Attack Mix)

Kalle, Magnus & Daniel – Kryss Mitt Hjerte
Nitedog – Mars (Nitedog’s Lunar Launch)
Discotheque “A” – Be Beyond A Fuss Of Life
Claude Perraudin – Energy
Only Fools And Horses – Spectacle Wins (Holy Ghost! Remix)
LSB – Loco Motion
Jacques Renault – Bad Skinned
Linda G. Thompson – Midnight Rendezvous

Earth, Wind And Fire – Kalimba Tree

Coyote – Blue Skies (Phoreski’s Russian Revolution Remix)
Lovelock – Don’t Turn Away (From My Love)

John Forde – Atlantis
Lynsey De Paul – Sugar Me