Mudd Mixes


Paul Murphy aka Mudd is a DJ/producer with a fine pedigree in soul, funk, disco & house. He has recorded under the moniker Akwaaba and is a cohort of the infamous Idjut Boys (who are still going strong and coming to play in Sydney as part of the Sydney Festival in Jan ’09). He has many releases on the Rong label as well as his own imprint, Claremont 56 and has even had the privelege to colaborate with latin legend Chico Hamilton and was recently given the remix treatment by Quiet Village.


“…and the music comes out of that magic box”. – Komodo schooling Mudd on the finer points of DJing

Last year, I got to hang out with Paul and some friends at a mate’s Beard-B-Q (see photos above). I slung him a copy of the once coveted “Marcia Shines” album and was priveleged to spin some tunes with him on a gorgeous Sydney evening.

What I’m posting here is a few mix sets I’ve gathered from the intranet that will give you a good idea of what a true music lover sounds like in the mix.

Deep Soul 3 – Mix 1
Mudd’s ‘Sacramento mix’
Mudd’s Barrat Homes Mix