Dumb Down The Disco


Now that all the hype’s died down, we can all finally bask in the glory of post punk funkiness courtesy of DJ Wrongtom. “Sometimes on 4 decks, often keeping it simple with just 2, always guaranteed to rock the dance. Wrongtom was once described as a bastion of the unexpected though youre as likely to catch him playing a straight hip hop or dancehall set as you are to stumble into a routine that could include anything from punk-funk disco dubs to bhangra and sea shanties.”

Glaxo Babies/DJ Wrongtom – Wrongtom Meets The Disco Dinosaurs
The Clash – Radio Edit (Wrongtom’s Disco Dub)
Rip Rig And Panic – Take A Don Key To Mystery
Coco Beware – Tropical Depression
Fad Gadget – Make Room
Public Image Limited – Death Disco (Live In Tokyo)
Orange Juice – Lord John White And The Bottleneck Train
Pig Bag – Getting Up
Boots For Dancing – Hypnotize
Return Of The Panthers – Crown Of Thorns (Wrongtom’s Disco Dub)
Au Pairs – Shakedown
Blank Students – I Want To Be Happy
Phil Daniels + The Cross – Kill Another Night
The Beat – Too Nice To Talk To
Penetration – Movement (Wrongtom’s Disco Dub)


The Beat – Too Nice To Talk To