Found this lil’ beauty over at The White Noise Revisited. Ten jams of white hot electro gold in one neat package. I’ll let the site’s Joe C take up the charge:

“I went to my mate’s birthday party recently – he’s an old school electro nutcase (one of his presents from his wife was an Egyptian Lover wig!) and the music played throughout the night has sent me into yet another phase of old school electro love and obsession. Below you will find a zip file containing ten of the best – from Warp 9’s ‘Nunk’ from 1982, through to the dub version of ‘Automan’ by Newcleus, which sounds like it was recorded last week rather than nearly quarter of a century ago – specially unmixed, full length 12″ versions. They’re the originals and still the best. I’m now in this headspace where nothing else will do – it’s as if my brain can only deal with thumping TR-808 beats, synthesised melodies and vocodered vocals. Anyway, some you’ll have heard, some you may not. I’d love to write more but I don’t have the time. One hour, ten killer tracks – download and love…”

1. Warp 9 – Nunk (Arista 12″, 1982)
2. The Russell Brothers – The Party Scene (SV) (Portrait 12″, 1983)
3. C-Jam & Kid Frost – Commando Rock (Vine Street Mix) (Baja Records 12″, 1984)
4. Whodini – We Are Whodini (Jive LP, 1984)
5. Captain Rock – Cosmic Blast (Extended) (Nia 12″, 1984)
6. Man Parrish – Boogie Down Bronx (Dub) (Boiling Point 12″, 1984)
7. Chris “The Glove” Taylor/Dave Storrs/Ice-T – Reckless (Club Mix) (Polydor 12″, 1984)
8. The L.A. Dream Team – Rockberry Jam (Dream Team Records 12″, 1985)
9. Det Reirruc & Latin Rascals – Axel F (Club Mix) (Streetheat Records 12″, 1985)
10. Newcleus – Automan (Dub Version) (Sunnyview Records 12″, 1984)