Pacific Ocean Mix


Wow, the soft rock, yacht rock, balearic grooves “Back to the Island” thang keps on keeping on. This set, via Be Hear Now is “a mellow mix, with a definite West Coast feel, inspired by the Oakland deejay/producers Sorcerer and Hatchback (who also work together as Windsurf).” David Gates, Michael Murphy, Fleetwood Mac – they’re all here, as well as some young guns like Skygreen Leopards, National Lights and more.
Excellent. Shall we begin?

“Back to the Island” Leon Russell
“Hawaiian Island” The Sorcerer
“Floating” Nobody and the Mystic Chords of Memory
“White Lies” Grin
“Pacific Standard Time” Pete Krebs
“Outdoor Games” Magic Arm
“Bad Weather” Poco
“The Skies Turn Black” Fireflies
“Gentle On My Mind” Glen Campbell
“Your Rocky Spine” Great Lakes Swimmer
“Riverbed” National Lights
“Sentimental Lady” Fleetwood Mac
“Fantastic” Stars of Track and Field
“White Summer Daydream” Warm Morning
“Sail Around the World” David Gates
“Wildfire” Michael Martin Murphy
“The Horses” Rickie Lee Jones
“The Homeless and the Hummingbird” Alaska In Winter
“Head Over Heels” Blue Rodeo
“Hard to Say” Dan Fogelberg
“Going Home (Theme from ‘Local Hero’)” Mmark Knopfler