Tony Underground’s Skag Disco

Taken from Cosmic Disco UK, this mix by Tony U was made waaayyy back in February this year. Bet it still sounds fresher than most!

Kirlian Camera- Blue Room
Yello- Lost Again
Jasper Uhl- Skelter Skelter
Idjut Boys- Smokin’ Balls (Guitar Bit)
Zongamin- Tarpit
Big Two Hundred- Kog
Emperor Machine- The Symptomatic Removal Of Sanity
S’ Express- Theme From S’Express
Liasons Dangereuses – Los Niños Del Parque
Dave Gilmour Girls – Heavy Metal Music
Tones on Tail- Means of Escape
Garcons- Re-Bop Electronic
Jamie Lidell- A Little Bit More (Luke Vibert Mix)
Spektrum- Lychee Juice
Ana Rago- You’re God (I:Cube Mix)
Gaz Nevada- Special Agent Man
Antenna- Camino Del Sol (Todd Terje Mix)