Villainous Ghosts

The ghost with the most on the coast – spousal spectre Neut returns with a big bag o’beats for kickin’ it till the spooky dawn.

Includes Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Bowery Electric, Sixtoo, Glen Porter, Calla, Mr Chop, Robust, Pentatones, Zet, Tommy Guerrero, Meat Beat Manifesto, Mr Cooper, Son Of A Bricklayer, Booka B, Alias, Dalek, Jel, Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra, Sage Francis, Meaty Ogre, Jake One, Clutchy Hopkins, Madvillain, Egon, Chris Craft, Lost Soul Refuge, Unkle, Joe Beats, Dday One, Keystones & Malcom Catto, Shawn Lee And Clutchy Hopkins, People Under The Stairs, Deckard, Manic Street Preechers, Viktor Vaughn, Chloe Diesel, David Lynch, Zombie Zombie, Mummy Fortuna’s Theatre Company, Boom And Birds, Morti Viventear, Francoiz Breut, The Natural Yogurt Band.

Clutchy Hopkins Meets Roman Polanski