The Cool & Strange Thrift Store MP3 Project


A slow Wednesday at the Meat Factory calls for some mid-week madness from the irrepressible Otis Fodder (365 Days Project) and Dana Countryman. Take it away Dana…..

“From the years 1996-2003 I published a magazine called COOL AND STRANGE MUSIC MAGAZINE. We concentrated on featuring oddball musicians, from over the past 6 decades. A record label approached me with the idea of compiling a CD compilation that would feature obscure artists, doing mostly original songs that (hopefully) would have never been copyrighted.

Otis Fodder hosted a weekly internet radio show at that time, called FRIENDLY PERSUASION, also specializing in unusual and crazy music. We worked up a partnership, where the magazine sponsored the show, with regular advertising in the magazine and on our web page. Otis was the perfect guy to compile this “Thrift Shop Music Compilation” with, so we paired up, to co-produce it. The idea was that it would feature only obscure artists, whose work you might (only) find in your neighborhood thrift store.

We had readers submit their most beloved “strange” records, and Otis and I dutifully sifted through them for gems. Along the way, the original record label dropped the project, and we convinced another label to pick it up. Eventually, THEY dropped the ball, as well, and Otis and I were left holding the ball.

When I decided to sell the magazine in February, 2003, we decided to make the compilation a freebie “Farewell Gift” from me to the subscribers. Over 26,000 people downloaded it back then, and it was permanently taken offline in mid-2003.

Listening to it again brings back happy memories. Many of the records come directly from Otis’ or my personal collections, with many others coming from hip subscriber pals (The Underground Culture Vulture, Bill Verkuilen, Jessica Ford Cameron, Dennis Flannigan, Lee Joseph, Rob Crow, Otis Records, Frits Jonker, Barry Saranchuk, and Pea Hix). We decided to leave in the odd “pop or click” from the original vinyl, and even added some needle drops, for authenticity.

I’m really proud of the compilation. A lot of heart and soul went into selecting these particular records.

Hope you enjoy it!”

Dana Countryman

01 Dick Catan & The Losers Combo – I m Sassy But Classy Intro.mp3
02 Renee Hamaty – The Samisen.mp3
03 Swingers – Bay Hay Bee Doll.mp3
04 Jim and Tammy & Their Friends – Oops There Comes a Smile.mp3
05 Eddie Osbourne – Kitten On The Keys.mp3
06 Frank Perry & The Big Action Sound – I Can Fly.mp3
07 Leonard Simmons – Somewhere My Love.mp3
08 Buck Ritchie – The Slave.mp3
09 George Fishoff Complex – Ping Pong.mp3
10 Lil Markie – Diary Of An Unborn Child.mp3
11 Click Kids – Happy Happy Christians.mp3
12 Norman Paris Quintet & Orch, David Carter Singers – The Happy Plastics Family.mp3
13 Peter L Batsin – How To Make A Tape Recorder.mp3
14 Four Skins – It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Syphilis.mp3
15 Rudy Burkhalter – Cheeseday In Monroe.mp3
16 Sam Sachs – It’s a Lie It’s a Fake.mp3
17 Singing MacMurrays, 2 Year Old Brenda & 4 Year Old Brian – Good News.mp3
18 Duggie Ward – Welcome To My Mind.mp3
19 Four Skins – Her Vagina.mp3
20 Aunt Bertha Presents Singtime with Tiny Tot Calvin – A Cowboy For Jesus.mp3
21 Frank Perry & The Big Action Sound – Bottlecap Millionaire.mp3
22 Mossilene Miles – Let’s All Sing Like The Birdies Sing.mp3
23 Mr Miller & The Blue Notes – Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter.mp3
24 Musical Betts – Grumblers.mp3
25 Mora Arriaga Family – Intro and Brasil.mp3
26 Humbards, 4 year old twins Drusilla & Susanna – I’ve Found a Hiding Place.mp3
27 Normal Majority – In The Kitchen.mp3
28 Pancho the Parrot Sings – I Left My Heart In San Francisco.mp3
29 The Holiday City Hotcha Kitchen Band – Welcome From Holiday City.mp3
30 Jackie Vernon – Stardust.mp3
31 Dick Catan & The Losers Combo – I’m Sassy But Classy finale.mp3

The following are the original liner notes, with each song title linking to the corresponding MP3. Here is the artwork in high-resolution JPEG: Cover | Insert.You can also download the whole package with MP3s, cover scans, artwork and liner notes as one big archive (118 MB ZIP file) or if you know how to do it, get it as a BitTorrent.

(via WFMU)