Art Rush – Primary School Disco


Despite being twice his age, I find the songs on this bedroom masterpiece by Art Rush speak directly to me due to the honesty and humility within. The lyrics will particularly be applicable to anyone whose adolescent fumblings and social life lessons took place around shopping malls, ice rinks, cineplex centers, especially anyone from Sydney, where Art Rush grew up. That’s not to say that those listeners from elsewhere won’t be rewarded by the semi autobiographical songs on this, the finest of his 5 albums available to date via his MySpace spot. There’s a great interview with him here that exposes the processes he goes through when creating these songs, and reading it, I was pleased to notice that just like me, he has a certain distain for Radiohead, which can only be a good thing.

1. Weconic Jam Session
2. Penrith Chicks
3. Reboundman
4. DDR Song
5. Primary School Disco
6. Student Concession
7. Lisa’s House
8. The Answer
9. Suzanne
10. This is Fun


Art Rush – Reboundman