Micah James – Agoraphobia Mixtape (2009)


The first session available from Los Angeles artist Micah James, laying down vocals along side classic hip hop joints and some indie pop classics (!).

01. The Day’s Breadth (Bottom Fly – “Riverside Crates”)
02. Making My Way produced by Bombay
03. Free Speech produced by Bombay
04. Curls (Madvillain – “Curls”)
05. Drink One More Feat. Bobby (Ludacris – “One More Drink” Feat. T-Pain)
06. Underage Girls Make The World Go Round (KMD – “Peachfuzz”)
07. MacDope Pro (Aphex Twin – “Bbydhyonchord”)
08. All Cats Are Grey (The Cure – “All Cats Are Grey”)
09. Refitted Fragments (Madlib – “Another Batch (Play It Again)”)
10. Lightskinneded (Jay Dee – “African Rhythms”)
11. Little Brother (Black Star – “Little Brother”)
12. Dream Feat. Bobby & Free Speech produced by Ro Blvd.
13. Searching produced by Bombay
14. There’s Something Against Us (The Smiths – “Miserable Lie”)
15. Agoraphobia produced by Micah James
16. The Rain produced by Ro Blvd.
17. Rainy Dayz (Remix) (Remix) (Raekwon – Rainy Dayz (Remix) Feat. Ghostface Killah)


Micah James – Lightskinned