DJ Topspin & Wajeed – The PPP Mixtape


Okay – a ton of great hip hop tapes floating around online at the moment. Here’s a few of ’em, starting with this banger….

1. Intro
2. Act Like U Know (Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
3. You Day Is Done (Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
4. 1 Luv 2 U(Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
5. Shotgun (Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
6. Stay With Me (Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
7. Fever (Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
8. One Minute More (Waajeed x Topspin Remix)
9. Talkin 2 Me (Top’s Dilla Remix)
10. U Gets No Love (Thelonious Fonk Remix)
11. Be Happy (Inhale Remix)
12. Can’t Knock The Hustle (The Reminix)
13. Jusfriends (Dilla Luvlee Remix)
14. You (Pretty Piano Remix)
15. Ooh (Waajeed’s Favourite Remix)
16. Dude (Dilla Dancehall Remix)
17. One Thing (Dilla’s Dukes Remix)
18. Saturday Night (Dilla’s Dukes Remix)
19. Naughty Girl ($$$ Makin’ Remix)
20. Deep Inside