Acid Folk – A Mix By Doctor Craig


Doctor Craig: “Acid Folk! To me, this collection of tunes is about sun-tinged long grass, big floppy hats and lots of clear, vibrant colours (Well, apart from the song about the black sun!). I put this mixture together a couple of years ago to give to friends with the idea they could lie around on the floor at home and listen to. It was around the time Neo Folk was emerging. Tunes from such artists as The Espers, Bright Black Morning Light and Manchester’s very own Voice of The Seven Woods were on heavy rotation and I also dug out old favourites including Jefferson Airplane, Heaven & Earth and Vangelis so I just got busy with it… I wanted to basically take the listener on a bit of a psychedelic tinged journey steering clear of the camp-fire feel. Hopefully this comes across.

When making a mix I often find tunes die a little once I’ve included them. Maybe some of your reading this have had a similar experience? However, as far as I’m concerned, the songs on this mix haven’t lost any of their life. I still love them dearly and continue to enjoy their company. Listening to the mix as I type, I realize there were a couple of other tunes I maybe should’ve included. ‘Cowboy Movie’ by David Crosby and ‘Everybody Daylight’ by Bright Black Morning Light perhaps? These will have to wait until I feel the need to create another Folk tinged compilation…”

No tracklisting…sorry.


Via Cosmic Disco