BosBos – Last Man Standing


BosBos: “Seedy beats and some mighty rude bass are the order of the day for Last Man Standing. This set comes right out of the sub-basement level of the club, where only the brave dare enter (and foolhardy accidentally walk into). The tracklist should tell you all you need to know, but an honourable mention goes to King Cannibal who applies devastating frequencies at the best of times, but really switches up through the gears with the Qemists remix. Keep a hand on the volume dial as you’ll be turning it up or down… depending on your tolerance levels!”

The Qemists – Dem Na Like Me (King Cannibal Remix)
Aaron Spectre – Look Out Fi Liar
King Cannibal – Aragami Style
Ebola – Portland 2CB
Milanese – Braggin’
Something J – Mercedes Bentley Vs. Versace Armani
HATE – Injustice
Mathhead – Bullets Of Your Sound (Remix)
Bong-Ra – The Rush (Long Time Coming) (Drop The Lime Remix)
Darqwan – Universal Wan-Ting
Rustie – Jagz The Smack
The Tuss – Last Rushup 10
Amit – Too Many Freedoms
Venetian Snares – Dance Like You’re Selling Nails


BosBos – Last Man Standing (1hr 14mins, 169MB)

Venetian Snares – Dance Like You’re Selling Nails (Live at ATP)