DJ Doom – Adelaide Deep


An Afro and Africanized house mix from DJ Doom:

“Was gonna end it on ‘Seasons’ but I didn’t wanna get accused of anthem bashing, I actually left the room to put the kettle on but changed my mind at the last minute as I wanted to end on a positive tip, cos Zhao – its all love out here

100% live – No Headphones, 100% unplanned / unrehearsed / unedited. Enjoy!”

That Beep (Radioclit Remix) – Architecture In Helsinki
Fashion (Drum Remix) – Guzluv
Mbeki – Andy X
Alone In Africa Pt. One (Arnaud D Deep Mix) – Niko De Luka
Katumbo (Beats Mix) – Abicah Soul
Greenlight – Footsteps
So Good Today (Yoruba Soul Remix) – Ben Westbeech
Passages – Franck Roger
Mirror Dance (Yoruba Soul Mix) – Afefe Iku Ft. Oveous Maximus
Labyrinthe – DJ Gregory
Compromise – N.B. Funky
Seasons – Lil Silva
I Will Hold On (Ndiza Kulinda) – DJ Choc Ft. Mercy Pakela


Architecture In Helsinki – That Beep