Wrongtom – Dang In Dub Vol 3: Dang In Digital


Me, I love a well crafted reggae mix, and Wrongtom here’s gone and made a pearler. Pilfered from my fellow music lover King Megatrip (hey, that’s how we roll).

1. Ken Bob ‘Bad Sound’
2. Bobby Konders ‘Tempo Version’
3. Anthony Redrose ‘Tempo’
4. Tenor Saw ‘Fever’
5. Sugar Minott & Admiral Ken Jones ‘Stalag Version’
6. Half Pint ‘Crazy Girl’
7. Johnny Osbourne ‘Ice Cream Sound’
8. Morris Johnson ‘Real Rock’
9. Admiral Bailey ‘Big Belly Man’
10. Flourgan ‘Big Batty Girl’
11. Daddy Lizard ‘A Fi Fly Out’
12. Winston Riley ‘Version’
13. Courtney Melody ‘Bad Boy’
14. Tiger ‘Bam Bam’
15. L. James ‘Bam Bam Version’
16. King Jammy ‘Sleng Teng Version’
17. Johnny Osbourne ‘Budy Bye’
18. Shinehead ‘Know How Fe Chat’
19. Frisco Kid ‘Big Tings A Gwaan’
20. Noel Davey ‘Sleng Teng Version’
21. Jazwad & Herbie ‘Woman Of Samaritan Version’
22. Ansel Collins ‘Pretty Lady’
23. Red Dragon ‘Hell Rider’
24. Courtney Melody ‘This Sound A Them Trouble’
25. Steelie & Clevie ‘Super Rock Version’
26. Pam Hall ‘Dear Boopsie’
27. Winston Riley ‘Boops’
28. Steelie & Clevie ‘Spliff Version’
29. Bob Livingston ‘Want A Two Year Old’
30. Lady Junie ‘Naa Get Punaunie’
31. King Tubby ‘Punaunie Riddim’
32. Michael Palmer ‘Lick Shot’
33. Tenor Saw ‘Golden Hen’
34. Gorgon Players ‘Golden Dub’
35. Super Cat ‘Cry Fi De Youth’
36. Tenor Saw ‘Live – Radio’