Achromatic Residue – The Beat Diary Of Victor Von Doom


No messing about here, just straight up dope beats with a nice dark edge. I didn’t find much info on this cat, other than the following statement:

“Alright everyone, this is my CD, a collection of my best hip-hop beats from over a span of 2 years. I am very proud of this album, and I would appreciate it if all of you gave it a listen.”

Highly recommended!

01 Day Residue
02 Hit Me With Your Best Shot
03 The Great American Dream of Green & Gold
04 Babble On
05 Meta Data
06 Twined
07 Batteries Not Included
08 Freestyle
09 Backwards Clockwork
10 Scumbags
11 Smoked Keys
12 All Of the Time
13 Funkybunches Of Oats
14 Housed
15 Whats Happening to me
16 Gun Clap’s
17 Political Mixtape
18 Sewer Snatch
19 Picking Up The Pieces
20 Darkest Depths
21 Outro