King Megatrip – Cocaine Barbeque


Equal parts inspirational, rude, obnoxious, genius, funny as fuck and funky too, is the latest mix from none other than King Megatrip.

well, here we go again — a mix I’ve been promising a long long time now!! it’s another “for the kids at work” mix — straight out of the Van Bowlski Institute…
in the tradition of the “Van Bowlski Brothers” and “Caveman on Campus” — this one is straight up chaos and all over the map… includes classic rock, hip hop, some punk rock and a whole bunch of bootleg mash-ups. filled with inside jokes, over the top profanity and spoken word samples — what else could you ask for?!

01 jimbalaya – outroduction to saturday
02 elton john – saturday night’s alright (for fighting)
03 dj schmolli – mash me amadeus
04 dj topcat – don’t stop the old school
05 jumbling towers – pure jew
06 radio van bowlski skit 09
07 divide & kreate – illiterate city
08 quannum – i changed my mind (changed my style mix)
09 rick springfield – jessies girl (dj topcat’s miami bass remix)
10 dr. dre – the next episode (instrumental)
11 nas – hip hop is dead (feat.
12 radio van bowlski skit 10
13 the rolling stones – doo doo doo doo doo (heartbreaker)
14 three dog night – shambala
15 1200 hobos skit (the republican party re-edit)
16 rusty bryant – fire eater
17 code 415 – executive control
18 dropkick murphys – the gauntlet
19 nofx – seeing double at the triple rock
20 radio van bowlski skit 11
21 cornelius brothers – treat her like a lady
22 bad company – shooting star
23 george harrison – what is life
24 jimbalaya – tweaked blow (djaw – wall of coke scratch-a-thon)
25 radio van bowlski skit 12
26 flobots – handlebars (dj shadow remix)
27 daryl hall and john oates – she’s gone
28 the caveman chronicles – episode two (edit)

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