DJ BWYSE – Salty Disco Vol 1 & 2


These fucking top rank mixes I found over at Another Night On Earth have made my day. A perfect blend of old and new, funky and mellow. So good!

DJ Bwyse – a talented individual finding a sound of his own and more or less inventing/ discovering the idea of a Salty Disco; slow, psychedelic, languid, the mellow hypnotic bobbing up and down on waves of glorious sound, dubby as hell, some heartfelt beauty and bittersweet California dreaming, a helping of dramatic beardy experimentation, reflection and deep sub-aquatic melodies both old and new, white beaches, white waves, endless mutating horizons, the longest sunset you’ve ever not seen.

Head honcho over at Talking In Stereo, Bwyse has more than one trick up his wizardy sleeve, this ones just a damn good one; it has that combination of the familiar and the adventurous that is both engaging and also sets you adrift, it’s a classic in the making. So what does it have to do with Disco, some of you may ask? Well, everything; it’s the wayward descendant of the libertine mother Disco, the bastard son of Beard, the seedy step brother of Balearica, where the groove stretches out in a huge, ever growing, pulsating wave, the lights falter, the ocean spray erodes the all too bright family beach kitsch, erodes everything…” – Chis Keys

Salty Disco Vol.1

01. Dennis Wilson – Love surrounds Me
02. Woolfy – The Warehouse (project Sandro remix)
03. Hatchback- Carefree Highway
04. Beach boys – Add some Echo in my life accapella (Tusk re-work)
05. Rubies – Stand In A Line
06. Sorcerer- White Soweto
07. Arp – Fireflies On The Water
08. Beach Boys – Big Sur
09. Rollmottle – This Is It
10. Dennis Wilson – River Song
11. Projections – Outhere (unreleased)
12. Hatchback – White Diamond
13. Beach Boys – Forever (a capella mix)
14. LCD_Soundsystem – Us vs. Them (Any Color U Like Remix By Windsurf)



“Well now that iv’e gone erm… way overboard with that floral description, it’s time to announce and hand over the second volume of the series. It’s easily as good as the first volume and perfect for the warmer weather many of you are experiencing… No life jacket required…

Oh and in case you didn’t know DJ Bwyse aka Tusk has a combined release with JAZ coming out on Paul Murphy’s SixtyFive label any minute now, best you check that out…” – Chris Keys

Salty Disco Vol 2

01. Justis Kohnke – Albatross
02. Jose Feliciano California brendanbringemremix
03. Jose Feliciano – California Dreamin
04. Rollmottle – Help Me Somebody
05. Rubies-The Keys (Studio_Remix)
06. Beach Boys – Song Of The Whale
07. Dennis Wilson – Lady
08. Grateful Dead – Fire on the Mountain
09. Sorcerer – Ride the serpent
10. Wang Chung – To Live and Die in LA
11. Fleetwood Mac – The Chain (Simon A. Carr Thisisnotanedit)
12. Sorcerer – Catwalk
13. Rollmottle – Take A Break (Maurice Fulton Remix)
14. Woolfy vs Projections – The Return of Starlight
15. Hatchback – Jetlag
16. Neil Young and Crazy Horse – Down By The River copy
17. Sorcerer – Video tapes
18. Eagles – Tequila Sunrise
19. Hatchback – WVDisco
20. Unicorn – Disco Dancer