Very highly recommended mix from the enigmatic H.C. Earwicker. He really goes above and beyond what constitutes the average mixtape. He injects his own creations and productions as well as tweaking existing sounds wildly to make them his own. Kudos!

“These are “real” mixes, performed live using effects like filters, delays and granulators. Tracks are cut out & in again, played simultaneously and contrasted with other tracks. A good portion of the music featured here are my own works – complete pieces & single tracks extracted from productions in my archives.The rest of the material is drawn from a wide variety of genres & styles: Electronic, Avantgarde/New Music, Pop/Rock, Dance/Club Music, Ethnic and Field Recordings, Spoken Words. You like to be surprised? Please be my guest.

The first installment is “Malachus Micgranes’ Teahouse #1” – right, the start of a series in a series – presenting my idea of 21st century Teahouse Music. Especially good with a pot of shaded green Kabusecha.”H.C. Earwicker