Bleeding Panda – Monsturoso Instrumentale Vol 1


Made a great discovery tonight in the shape of the Bleeding Panda spot, so i thought I’d paste up some of it’s creator’s fine handywork. Here’s his dyn-o-mite instrumental sound off…

“This is a 16 track long collection of some of my favorite blasting instrumental songs. Generally, as the cover says, this collection has no meaning, has no intellectual value whatsoever and is pretty much a bunch of cult songs mixed with stupid cover versions (like Britney Spears Toxic cover) and interesting experiments along with kitsch trash Moog shitties that are fused together only by the fact that they all have balls and a clear tough attitude.
It spans decades – from 70’s detective funk to new unexplainable experimental productions, and spans all continents and cultural influences.”

01 Barry de Vorzon – Theme from The Warriors
02 Dennis Coffey – Scorpio (Alpha Omega)
03 Donald Byrd – One Gun Salute
04 Roger Davy – Crazy Flute Happy Guitar
05 Gert Wilden & Orchestra – Follow Me
06 Astro Can Caravan – Baia
07 Fuka Vicente -Tempura Soul
08 Mustafa Ozkent – Dolana Dolana
09 Ananda Shankar – Jungle King
10 Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Toxic
11 Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited – Korla Rides Again
12 Aavikko – Cipetown
13 The Treblemakers – Freakshow
14 Secret Chiefs 3 – Jabalqa
15 Alamaailman Vasarat – Käärme toi ruton kaupunkiin
16 A Hawk And A Hacksaw – Zozobra