Braille – Box Of History


Braille is a solo hiphop artist from Portland, OR.  He’s also lived in South New Jersey and Los Angeles.  During most of his career he has remained independent, releasing his own records and booking his own tours. He is now preparing to release his fourth solo album titled “The IV Edition” in the spring of 2008.

Braille has been making music for 13 years and over the last 8 years he’s been featured on over 60 CD’s.  Together with DJ Idull, Braille has compiled over 21 pieces to create this exclusive mix. This is a great introduction not only for those who have never heard of Braille, but also a special treat for anyone who has been following his career.  The mix is being offered here as a free download and we are hoping to share it with as many people as possible.

If you download the mix and enjoy it, then please consider offering a small donation in exchange for the music.  All donations are being used to help us shoot music videos and pursue other promotional endeavors for Braille’s fourth solo record, “The IV Edition,” dropping Spring 2008.

Braille’s personal PayPal and email is

Below is the full track listing for the mix:
1. Intro – with talking over beat by Ohmega Watts
2. Build – snippet (feature with GreenJade)
3. Treatment – full song (feature with Ohmega Watts)
4. Missing Children – snippet (feature with CunningLynguists)
5. Everything Changed – full song (from “Box of Rhymes” album)
6. Going Through It – full song (feature with Sivion)
7. The Enemy – full song (feature with Jimmy Ledrac)
8. Perceptions – snippet (feature from Fashion Expo)
9. Broken Jaw – full song (feature with Redcloud)
10. Permanent Ink – snippet (feature with Surreal)
11. Illuminate – snippet (feature with Lightheaded)
12. Enter-Gritty – Full Song (from “Box of Rhymes” album)
13. Legacy – Snippet (feature with Golden Disciples)
14. The IV – Full Song (from “The IV Edition” album)
15. Guilty By Association – Full Song (feature from Nightowls)
16. Wings – Full Song (feature with Choice 37)
17. Shine – Full Song (feature with Pinnacle Rhythms)
18. Hidden Agenda – Full Song (feature with Loptimist)
19. Keep On – snippet (from “Shades of Grey” album)
20. I.O.U. – snippet (feature with Theory Hazit)
21. Heavy Rotation – snippet (feature from “Heavy Rotation”)
22. Outro – with talking over beat by Ohmega Watts
23. BONUS!!!!!!