Andrei Machado – Lacuna (Free Album)


Gorgeous music from this Brasilian pianist – Meatskull Recommended!

Beautiful soundscapes, heartbreaking melodies; yeah, whatever. Too often music reviewers get lost in a forrest of known words, leaving a review sound the same like every other. I have to admit, it is really hard to find words for certain music and the emotions it may cause – established patterns are too easy to fall back into, but for the music reviewers defence: an atmospheric album will always remain as such; emotional, teary, beautiful piano compositions will always stay like that and there is no other way describing this.”

01 – Uma breve história do tempo (3:02)
02 – La mi realidad (3:53)
03 – Campo de centeio (2:07)
04 – Después de muertos (3:16)
05 – Sou, das verdades, a maior farsa (1:52)
06 – Eu sei que sou fraco (4:16)
07 – O mundo em meus dedos (3:58)
08 – Relapso (1:55)