Zeit – Cosmic Dancing Mixtape #69


Another Beardo Disco set from The Cosmic guys. i chose this one ‘cos it includes two of my faves – Soft Rocks and Al Usher. Swing it.

Beard Science – Blue Too (Willy Japan Edit)
Chateau Marmont – Maison Klaus
Beard Science – Whistler’s Mother (Maelstrom Edit)
Jacques Renault – Bad Skin Effect
Beard Science – After The Storm (Oswego Basement Edit)
Soft Rocks – Dlalulac
Al Usher – Gnanfou
Gatto Fritto – Bursting The Bubble
Das Etwas – International News
Soft Rocks – Light Bulb
Al Usher – Gnanfou (Swag’s Gnanby Dub)
Challenge – Zimmer
Hiem – Clubscene Popscene (Prins Thomas Diskotek Miks)
Discodeine – Joystick
The Popular People’s Front – My Baby Stays Out All Night