Daniel Donnachie and Machinesoul – Disco Paradiso


A mix created by Daniel Donnachie and Machinesoul for the good folks over at the newly revamped Cosmic Disco (currently up to Volume 70 and rising in their own compilation series!). Starting with Johnny Mathis and ending with Womack & Womack, featuring a bunch of modern Balearic boffins acting as the filling in the sandwich, this is one sweet set. Munch!

Johnny Mathis – Life is a Song Worth Singing
Max Essa – Lamma Island, 5AM
Lexx – Body Double (Re-edit of Double – Naningo)
Soft Rocks – Kahuna Dream
Max Essa – LOTION or I Guess You Get A Tan In California
Reverso 68 – Especial
Lindstom and Prins Thomas – Ballerina
Music for Dreams America
Lexx – Sirocco
Frontera – Nature (Reverso 68 Remix)
Goat Dance 3
Sly & Mongoose – Snakes and Ladders (Rub n Tug Remix)
Soft Rocks – Are you Out there Cyclops?
Womack and Womack – Conscience is my Conscience