Exponential Record’s SXSW Label Sampler-Texas(2009)


TEXAS is Exponential Record’s SXSW Label Sampler which features over 17 tracks from various Texas based producers. The album is a window into the bubbling electronic scene in Texas and covers the gamut of electronic sounds from Dubstep to Electro to Downtempo. The album is a completely free download.

01. “Cassette Tape” – Day of the Woman
02. “Nothing Brings Me Down” – Aether
03. “Onyx” – Otic Angst
04. “No Sleep ft. Omari Kamau” – Mnolo
05. “Damn You” – Diego Bernal
06. “Denali” – Rae Davis and Ma Bell
07. “Yume” – Mirm
08. “Broke As You” – The Throwback Edits
09. “Beso” -Aether (Pouff Remix)
10. “Sinister Skies” -Pollination
11. “Hazardous Cargo” – Parson and Skint
12. “Next of Kin” – AM Architect
13. “DCMT” – Stephen Orsak
14. “Shorebreak” – Makestapes
15. “Upon the 49th Day” – Ernest Gonzales
16. “Good Birds Fly Home” – Darby
17. “Don’t Say Goodbye ft. Sugao” – Ma Bell