Great set from the talented Mr. Jimbalaya.

“I spent the month of February taking part in a thing called the RPM Challenge. It’s a challenge to produce a record solely in the month of February. For some reason, the people running the challenge over at http://www.rpmchallenge.com decided that the shortest month of the year would be the best time to do this… Either way, for the first time (this is my third year trying), it’s complete!

I take pieces of many songs (along with some effects here, there, and everywhere) and put them back together within Ableton Live to create new songs … It turns into something a bit like a collage or mosaic, but with sound. Each track is listed below, with its ingredients below it.

01 Intro
Nuspirit Helsinki – Take It Back
Elgar – Lento – Allegro Molto
Explosions In The Sky – Time Stops
Abass – Abass

02 Fudge Crisp Eulogies
Poets Of Rhythm – Eulogize The Source
Damu The Fudgemunk – Colorful Storms (Ruff Instro)
George Harrison – Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
One Self – Unfamiliar Places
Bonobo – Nothing Owed

03 Candy Cane Corkscrew
Camille – La Jeune Fille Aux Cheveux Blancs
One Self – Unfamiliar Places
Bonobo – Nothing Owed

04 Voodoo Colleen Morning
Claude Thomain – Un Soir De Blanco
Desmond Williams – This Morning
Joanna Newsom – Colleen
Strange Fruit Project – Makin My Way
Phil Upchurch – Voodoo Chile

05 Hard Wind Divers
Nina Simone – Wild Is The Wind
Billy Preston & Streeta – With You I’m Born Again (Acapella)
King Tubby – Satta Dub
Baby Huey – Hard Times
Boozoo Bajou – Divers

06 Downtown Scrabble
Darondo – Didn’t I Scrabble
Nicole Willis – Blues Downtown
Ibrahim Ferrer – Si Te Contara
Vincent Gemignani – Insidieusement Les Elfes

07 That There
Dennis Coffey – Whole Lotta Love
Ibrahim Ferrer – Hay Que Entrarle A Palos A Este
Maria Deb Barros – Mi Nada Um Ca Tem
Damu The Fudgemunk – Colorful Storms (Ruff Instro) ?

08 Nowhere Sea
Nu People – I’d be Nowhere Without You
Patricia Kaas – La Mer

09 Upstream
Amen Andrews – 1000001 Style
Marvelettes – Too Many Fish In The Sea (Acapella)
Brigitte Fontaine & Areski – La Fille Du Cure
Wynton Marsalis – You Don’t Know What Love Is
Frank Zappa – Nasal Retentive Calliope Music
King Seven – Stripped Out And Gutted
Global Dance Project – Krishnamurti Groove
Wynton Marsalis – Stardust
Dennis Coffey – Whole Lotta Love
Damu The Fudgemunk – Colorful Storms (Ruff Instro) ?

10 Timebox Sound
Beck – Diskobox
Michael Andrews – Middlesex Times
Sound Studio Orchestra – Southbound
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – No One’s Gonna Love You