DJ Pain & DJ Chaps One – Hermanos Del Pulpo


As a player in the San Diego County hip hop scene for over ten years, DJ Pain has been preaching the gospel of good underground hip hop to the masses and the underground alike, with a passion fueled by love for the people and the music. Pain’s vision of hip hop shines through the corporate smoke and mirrors campaign of promoting only the “commercial” sound and stays true to his commitment to play for the people, while challenging the listener with a pure devotion that is represented through his unique take on the art.

Opening for the likes of Jurassic 5 and the Visionaries, Pain has played alongside some of the best talent within the underground. Yet this DJ is one of the few who remains humble and approachable in these days where the “rock star” attitude accompanies many DJ’s who forget that they are playing someone else’s music…

Don’t miss out on this incredible set featuring some of Meatskull’s favourite beatmakers.

01. Amon Tobin – Here Comes The Moon Man /Ninja Tune/
02. Ghc – Ambulance Chasers /2600 Recordings/
03. Elektro 4 – Hunted /Exclusive/
04. Free The Robots – Times Like This /Equinox/
05. Dj Exile – Monsters /Exclusive/
06. Tenshun – Mind Fuck /The Secret Life Of Sound/
07. Snufone – Borrowed Age /Untek/
08. Rr-adm Featuring Malcolm Catto – #3 /Unknown/
09. Buddy Peace – Burner Kit /2600 Recordings/
10. Sixtoo – #4 /Ninja Tune/
11. Buck 65 – Benz (inst) /Strange Famous Records/
12. Matt Young – Ill Uno /Bully Records/
13. Glen Porter – Prolong /Project Mooncircle/
14. P Love – Blue And Brown /Bully Records/
15. Mr Cooper Three /Wimm Recordings/
16. Dday – One Burning Alone /Content/
17. Jay Electronica – Act 3: Voodoo Man /Unknown/
18. Matt Young – Invicia /Bully Records/
19. Joey Beats – Space Boy Dream /Arbeid Records/
20. Shawn Lee – Song For David /Ubiquity/
21. Mrr-adm Featuring Malcolm Catto – #5 /Unknown/
22. Die Young – Run Into The Sun /Biofidelic/
23. Odd Nosdam – Bonus Beats /Anticon/
24. Alias – Autumn Afternoons /Anticon/
25. Dj Signify – Five Leaves Left /Lex Records/
26. Odd Nosdam – Cop Crush /This My Element Sound Track/
27. Odd Nosdam – We Bad Apples /This My Element Sound Track/
28. Upoint – Non Surf /Re.cycle/
29. Mumbles – Rise Reprise /Sound In Color/
30. Dj Egadz – Different /Exclusive/
31. Evs – Unknown /Exclusive/
32. Elektro 4 – Affi’s Song /Exclusive/
33. Blue Sky Black Death – Listen Child /Babygrande/