Dave Withers – Soul Nation


A lovely slice o’ soul i found over at 100 Limousines.

“100 Limousines has the esteemed pleasure to host a guest mix by collector/dealer Dave Withers. Dave brings a nice mix of mellow soul. Great for cooking up some summer vibes. If you enjoy the mix be sure to leave a comment and let Dave know. If your interested in catching some records or catching one of Dave’s many DJ gigs be sure to drop him an e-mail and request to be added to his mailing list.” – Josh Dunn

Village Choir, “Along The Beach”
Harvey Averne Band, “Love Never Stays The Same”
Earles, Inc., “Let’s Try it Again”
Unity & The Down Beat, “Love Dream”
Sharon McMahan, “Get Out Of My Life”
Dee De Warwick, “Where Is That Rainbow”
Kenny Wells, “Isn’t That A Shame”
Prince Ellis, “Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild”
Gino Washington & G.W. Band, “We Gonna Make It”
Ray Jiminez, “Leave Her Alone”
Skip Jackson, “I’m On To You Girl”
Katie Briggs, “Green Power”
Fiestas, “Sometimes Storm”
Betty Lavette, “You’ll Wake Up Wiser”
Ike Lovely, “Fools Hall Of Fame”
Charen Cotton, “A Little Bit Of Love”
Marva Whitney, “Ball Of Fire”
Joe Garland, “That’s His Girl”
Richie Corbin Trio, “A Woman Was Made For A Man”
Theola Kilgore, “I Can’t Stand It”
Gloria Lynne, “Speaking Of Happiness”
Glen Adams, “You Make Me Feel Like A Man”
Marva Whitney, “This Girl’s In Love With You”