Pimp Paul & Play Boy Wolf – Be Our Valentine


Prince Paul and Peanut Butter Wolf are two smooth cats scatting over lover’s-vibed instrumentals and beats, plenty of dialogue. So what if it’s a month late for Valentines? Save it for next year. Sexual chocolate in your ears!

In Your Ear
Your Body
Rock Your Body
Love Doctor
I Wannalust You
Im So Jealous
Lonely Times
Don’t Be A Playgirl
Your So Precious
This Dream Is Real
Funky? Kinky?
Grandmaster Lover
I’m A Ballplayer
Special Lady
This Love Can’t Be Denied
I’ll Remember Your Name
Too Many Girls
Straight To Love
Morris The Cat
Jones For Your Body
Searching For Love
Try Me Out
Whats Your Game
I Love The Way
You Can Love Me Baby
Gentle Persuasion
I’m Only Yours
Don’t You Stop The Rock
Sexy Lady
Get Paid
It’s Alright
Can You Love Me Girl
So Delicious
Second Chance

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