Cosmic Disco Mix #73


More hotpants gold from Cosmic Disco.

“Now the idea for this volume was to present a more main room direction. As I have had some interest from foreign clubs a few requests for a selection of upfront cosmic dancing so I thought make another Volume in the series to demonstrate that.

So this mix tries to catch great house music from 1992 to the present day. Although one track which is new sounds older than all the rest which is House of House. So we have a nod to Isolee, Emperor Machine (Goat Dance), Nuphonic Records, Crack and Speed, Paper Recordings (Torbjorn Bruntland later to be in Royksopp and Rune Lindbaek are included here), Luke Solomon and Brennan Green, Basement Jaxx before they were majorly signed and still carried the spirit of acid house and the seminal classic “Berry”.

Shows you don’t have to rely on just new tracks to make an interesting compilation to dance to that still sounds fresh now. Enjoy.”

Goat Dance – Sizzle
Luke Solomon – Demons (Brennan Green Remix)
Those Norwegians – Hurdy Burdy
Basement Jaxx – Deep Jackin’
Audio Dub Odyssey – This Dub (Mirage Mix – Pete Moss)
Mr Negative – Star Spangled Banger (Thirsty Monk Mix)
TC1991 – Berry (Fratty Energy Version)
The Emperor Machine – Rimramramrim (Ava’s Uninterrupted Version)
Crime – Breaking Point
Home and Garden – Find Your Love (The Clockwork Re-Shuffle)
House of House – Rushing To Paradise (Walking The Streets)
Isolee – Beau Mot Plage


(cover art by Meatskull)