Meatskull’s 20,000th Visitor


Wow. 20,000 visits to the ol’ Skull. That makes me a happy meathead! Thanks to all who have visited here over the past 12 months and for all the words of encouragement and joy.

What I hope to achieve for this site is a portal for good music to be spread around, and I’m putting out an appeal to everyone to contribute a mix if you can, themed in the spirit of the blog – ie: anything goes. It doesn’t have to be perfectly beatmixed (in fact, it doesn’t need to be mixed at all!). Express yourself brothers and sisters…

To eveyone whose mixes I have posted so far, thanks for all the hard work and love you put into them, I know my ipod’s full to bursting point thanks to you guys. By the way, if I throw up new artwork to accompany your set, don’t be offended. It’s either because your image was way to small and/or not in keeping with the overall look I’m trying to achieve.

One last thing, for a while I was posting a YouTube clip to accompany every posting. Was that something you would view? If not, I’ll just post the mixes, if you enjoyed the clips, I’ll keep adding them. Feel free to leave a comment on the subject.

OK, enough yakking and on with the music.