J.Period – The Best Of Big Daddy Kane


J.Period and one of my all time fave MC’s, Big Daddy Kane team up to make this monster mixtape covering the large man’s stellar career in hip hop. Happy to have found this – gonna bump it right now!

edit – This is so good!

01. J.Period Intro feat. Big Daddy Kane
02. Mr. Pitiful
03. Taste Of Chocolate
04. Brother Brother feat. Little Daddy Shane
05. Smooth Operator
06. Dance With The Devil
07. Who Am I
08. Worth To The Mother(Land)
09. Young Gifted & Black
10. Young Gifted & Black Freestyle
11. Biz Markie Interlude (J.Period Exclusive)
12. Just Rhymin With The Biz
13. Rhymin B/W Got It Made (J.Period Blend)
14. Rhymin B/W Customer (J.Period Blend)
15. Rhymin B/W Symphony (J.Period Blend)
16. Symphony Interlude (J.Period Exclusive)
17. Symphony
18. The Cypher Pt.1 feat. Kool G Rap (DJ.Period Exclusive Remix)
19. The Cypher Pt.2 feat. Biz Markie (DJ.Period Exclusive Remix)
20. The Cypher Pt.3 feat. Kane (DJ.Period Exclusive Remix)
21. Tony Touch 50 MC’s Interlude
22. 50 MC’s Freestyle
23. Ain’t No Half Steppin
24. Bugged Tip B/W No Joke (J.Period Blend)
25. Don’t Curse feat. Q-Tip
26. No Damn Good
27. Cause I Can Do It Right
28. I Get The Job Done
29. It’s Hard Being The Kane
30. It’s Hard Being The Kane Remix
31. Raw
32. Raw B/W Radio (J.Period Exclusive)
33. Raw B/W Ledge (J.Period Exclusive)
34. Warm It Up Kane
35. Wrath Of Kane
36. Nuff Respect
37. Set It Off
38. Burn Hollywood Burn feat. Ice Cube & Chuck D.
39. Drop A Jewel Interlude (J.Period Exclusive)
40. Erase The Racism (J.Period Exclusive Remix)
41. Jazz Thing Interlude
42. Stop Shammin
43. Mortal Combat
44. How U Get A Record Deal
45. How U Pt. 2 (J.Period Exclusive Remix)
46. How U Pt. 3 (J.Period Exclusive Remix)
47. R.I.P. B.I.G. Interlude
48. B.I.G. Freestyle (J.Period Exclusive Remix)
49. Kane Freestyle (J.Period Exclusive Remix)
50. R.I.P. Big L / Platinum Plus
51. The Man The Icon
52. Icon Pt. 2 (J.Period Exclusive Remix)
53. Icon Pt. 3 (J.Period Exclusive Remix)
54. Brooklyn Interlude
55. Pimpin Ain’t Easy Interlude (J.Period Exclusive)
56. Count Macula’s Theory
57. Big Daddy Kane Outro