Textures – Brian Eno (1989 Unreleased)


This is an extremely rare album Brian Eno did (together with Daniel Lanois and Roger Eno) for library music company “Standard Music Library” for licensing music in television programs and films. Meaning, the album was purely intended for “business to business” and never commercially released for the public.

Eleven tracks are unpublished elsewhere, ten tracks are actually edits or versions of pieces published in the previous Music For Films Vol III (1988), and in the following The Shutov Assembly (1992) and Neroli (1993), with different titles: The Water Garden = Cavallino / Shaded Water = Alhondiga / Suspicions = Lanzarote / Landscape with Haze = Riverside / Mirage = Triennale / River Mist = Asian River / Constant Dreams = Neroli (edit) / Suspended Motion = Markgraph / The Wild = Stedelijk / River Journey = Asian River (extended alternate mix).

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