Cancer Scabies – Hippies Smell Vol 7


A name I’d forgotten to check for a while is the ubiquitous Cancer Scabies. Purveyor of all things prog, pop, scuzz, freakout, garage, lsd soaked hippy garble and beyond, he made the exceptionally crazed mix series called Hippies Smell. His blog promises to re-up some earlier sessions that have long since vanished from the web (mind you – he hasn’t updated it since 2007!). Here’s an example of his work. I’m sure i have some of the older volumes at home, so when i get time, I’ll post some more.

jaggerz-memoirs of the traveller
illes-nekem oly mindegy
omega-never feel shame
illes-eltavozott nap
syrius-devils masquerade
motherlode-soft shell
fountainhead-orchestration 70
electric prunes-general confessional
bully boy band-everybodys talking
skorpio-lead me through the night
the band-up on cripple creek
c.c.s-running out of sky
black sabbath-behind the wall of sleep
j.j cale-call the doctor
bloomfield,kooper,stills-season of the witch
paul nicholas-lamp lighter
syrius-it’s stretching out my arms
nino ferrer-looking for you


(artwork by meatskull)