Error Broadcast presents – Bag Of Nothingness


A search for talented beatmakers worldwide turned up trumps for the folks over at Error Broadcast.

“All throughout 2008, Flip and me went recruiting fresh new names for a compilation of contemporary Hip Hop. Experimental, edgy, kicking, we were looking for the tight stuff. And our quest prove successful. Today, we are blessed to have “Bag of Nothingness” packed with 17 hot tracks for you to download.

Artists from the US, Russia, Japan, Germany and a lot more joined the Error Broadcast Collective. The compilation is online for free download, so please support our artists and ourselves by saving the record to your players and spreading the word. Watch this place!” – Error Broadcast

.01 The Great Mundane -Juno Had a Rough Day
.02 Comfort Fit – Rock da Dam feat. Portformat
.03 Lambent – Biscits
.04 AEED – Particles
.05 Katrah-Quey – Laster Of Peace
.06 Benny B. Blonco – Wizard Swing Warriors
.07 Himuro – Die Faultiere
.08 B-Ju – Philly Run
.09 Chewy Benson – Tapp that Motherbored
.10 Comfort Fit – Bag of Nothingness
.11 Apes On Tapes – Out for a Shrink Pink Drink
.12 Rob Steady – Un Samedì Soir sur la Terre
.13 Maguett – Fog Movement
.14 Kirby Ditko – Headfirst
.15 Code Inconnu – Cold Little Finger
.16 (costa) – Small Flame
.17 Niteffect – Therapy