Willie and Rising Dick


And now for something completely different…this one landed in my email inbox via a trash culture yahoo group I signed up to some time ago. Stanky raw comedy from a puppet and his master. Hee hawww, urp.

Via the Schadenfreuden Therapy blog.

“It’s MY fecking birthday today, and I’m sharing the presents with you, in the form of this crappy 1960s party record featuring Richard Sandfield and his randy little puppet, performing as “Willie and Rising Dick”. Don’t you love the puppet’s John Waters pencil-thin moustache?

It’s exactly what you’d expect, some very un-PC and mostly unfunny (but precisely because it’s unfunny, it’s kinda funny) routines that seem to crack up the highly inebriated crowd at the Tip Top Room in Anaheim, or whatever the hell it was… But it’s blue comedy with a PUPPET. ” – Baikinange

Soul Food
My Old Lady
Your Sister
The Cricket Game
Telephone Dating
Filthy Hand
______ a Woman
Making Panties
Cock For Sale
Lickety Split
Rising Dick