Talking Shopcast 03: Kenneth Christiansen (Echochord)


I was excited today to find this gorgeous set from the creator of one of my favourite labels, Echochord. Prepare to enter the murky depths…..

“We’re examining one label that’s been prominent in dub techno’s popular renewal, Denmark’s Echocord. Founded in 2002 by Kenneth Christiansen, a staple of Copenhagen’s record shops and renowned DJ, Echocord proved a launching pad for Mikkel Metal and hub for Quantec, Rod Modell, Trentemøller, Brendon Moeller, Fairmont and more. In 2008 it gave birth to Echocord Colour, a vibrant new series of releases on, you guessed it, cherished colored vinyl.” – Via Little White Earbuds

01. Luke Hess, “Agape Dub” [Modelisme Records]
02. Ovatow, “Phalaenopsis” [Frantic Flowers]
03. Rod Modell, “Untitled 14″ [DeepChord]
04. Sven Tasnadi, “Waiting” [Smallville Records]
05. Schwanbeck, “I Don’t Understand” (Quantec remx) [Echocord]
06. Martinez, “Organic Theme” [LoMidHigh Organic]
07. Even Tuell, “Untitled B2″ [Workshop]
08. Akiko Kiyama, “Vague” [Süd Electronic]
09. Luke Hess, “Shalom Dub” [FHXE Records]
10. D.P., “In Red” [Echocord]
11. Le Chien Perdu, “Sp’Ark Remix” (Secours Populaire Des Animaux)
[Karat Records]
12. Mountain People, “Mountain006.2″ [Mountain People]
13. Luke Hess, “Platte” [Echocord Colour]
14. Levon Vincent, “Early Reflections” [Novel Sound]
15. Pole, “Alles Gute” [~Scape]