Broke – Dubstep 9.2


Bitch all you like about Broke on the dubstep forums..nobody can say his personality encroaches on his excellent mixing and tune placement. It’s thugs like this with a heart of gold lurking at their core that give the rugged factions of the genre a human side. Keep on rewindin’ and I’ll see you when you get out, bad bwoy.

“Here’s my first dubstep mix for 2009. Pretty soon I’m going to have to start calling these mixes by another name, but for now let’s just say here’s a mix of bass heavy vinyl from the first couple of months of this year. A couple of tracks are definitely bordering on what I would call techno (‘but good techno’ – degrassi). Plus I’ve seen the term ‘future beats’ being used in a couple of places to decribe that Joker/Rutie sound but I’m not sure how I feel about that label, so for now it’s all getting filed under ‘dubstep‘. Enjoy…” – Broke


01 Kryptic minds – One of Us
02 F – The Untitled Dub
03 Geiom & Appleblim – Shreds
04 Kontext – Plumes (Relocate Mix)
05 Kode9 – 2 Far Gone
06 Kromestar – My Sound
07 Pangaea – Bear Witness
08 Noah D & Roommate – The Bassman
09 Mala – Miracles
10 Zomby – The Lie (L.V. Remix)
11 DJG – Bunker
12 Rob Sparx – Liquid Soul
13 Guido – Orchestral Lab
14 Joker – Digidesign

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