Placid – Tribute to Larry Heard & Fingers Inc


Not many house producers can be truly considered as legendary, however Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers is most definitely qualified for a place in that realm. Never failing to come up with the goods and delivering quality product with true heart and soul every time – sure he’s “retired” from the music game more than anyone ever, but as far as i’m concerned, the man can do what he wants – he’s a God!

Thank you so much Placid. It’s so great to have all these choice tunes in the one place!

Mr Fingers – Stars – Alleviated
The It – Donnie – DJ International
The It – Gallimaufry Gallery – Black Market
Mr Fingers – Let’s Dance All Night – Jack Trax
Mr Fingers – Mystery of Love – Alleviated
Mr Fingers – Beyond The Clouds – Trax
Mr Fingers – Waterfall – Alleviated
Fingers Inc. – Can You Feel It – Jack Trax
Fingers Inc. – I’m Strong (Instrumental) – Jack Trax
Mr Fingers – Ammnesia – Jack Trax
Disco-D – Beat it – Alleviated
Fingers Inc. – Never No More Lonely – Jack Trax
The Housefactors – Play It Loud – Black Market
Fingers Inc. – Distant Planet – Jack Trax
Fingers Inc. – Feelin’ Sleezy – Jack Trax
Gherkin Jerks – Parameters – Gherkin
Fingers Inc. – Bring Down the Wall – Select
Mr Fingers – Bye Bye – Jack Trax
Fingers Inc. – Music Take Me Up – Jack trax
Ricky Dillard – To Live This Life (Larry’s Dub Cut) – Jack Trax
Loosefingers – What is House – Alleviated
Glowing Glisses – On The Bridge (Larry Heards After Dark Dub Mix) – Dessous
Larry Heard Presents: Mr. White – You Rock Me – Alleviated
Larry Heard – Feathers Floating – Alleviated