Meatskull presents Another Angle Vol 13


This week’s mix sees a largely instrumental selection performed by a contemplative crowd of creative council. I’ve thrown a nice choice of tracks by Australian friends and aquaintances into the playlist this week, in the hope of exposing my overseas readers to some of the wonderful sounds eminating from this wide land of ours.

This one’s been road tested by yours truly during a visit to the hospital emergency room last night where i was given a hefty dose of morphine to ease my pain (I’m fine now, don’t panic). I can assure you – this set of tunes through the headphones was the icing on the cake. eat up! – Meatskull

A Setting Sun & Shigeto – Rising Sun Over Smiling Lovers
Purdy – Love & Other Conversations
Ollo – Penned In
Halfset – Solar Amok
Meanderthals – Kunst Or Ars
Faux Pas – White Light
Christian Pommers’ Drum Lesson – Strings Of Life
Mississipi Fred McDowell – When You Come Out Of The Wilderness
The Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble – Adaptation Of The Kyoto Song
Inch Time – Kyoto (Autumn Leaves)
Directorsound – Menu/So Where Is Kyoto Tonight/Mullin The Mog
The Shamen – Possible Worlds (Imaginary)
Daso – Meine (Lucio Aqualina Mix)
10.32 – Harharmony
The Gentleman Losers – Farandole
City City City – Entry
Saddleback – Sunlit Night
SCSI-9 – Moses’ Tale
Tooth – Passing Through
All India Radio – How Many For How Long (Morphodic Bliss Mix)
Billy Ray Martin – Planet Of The Blue