Crimea X – Seaside Resort Mixtape 01


A lovely Balaeric selection for the weekend. Seems The Clash’s “Cool Out” has gained momentum as a funky rediscovery – it seems to be popping up in everyone’s mixes! Mind you, there’s a bunch of tunes here you’ll not find elsewhere.

“CRIMEA X is happy to offer you a free stay in our own seaside resort, a new balearic perspective on the coasts of the Black Sea.” – Via Italo Deviance

01.Tangerine Dream – Kiew Mission
02.Vangelis – Let It Happen
03.David Thomas & The Pedestrians – Crickets In The Flats (Wrong Speed)
04.Magical Ring – Black Safari
05.Moon Birds – Supernova
06.Riuichi Sakamoto – Garden Of Poppies
07.Crimea X – 10 P.M. (Original)
08.Talking Heads – Seen And Not Seen
09.Tom Ware – Chinatown
10.Clara Mondshine – O Queen Of Saba (Crimea X Re-Edit)
11.The Clash – The Cool Out
12.Chris & Cosey – Driving Blind (Crimea X Re-Edit)
13.Loose Joints – Pop Your Funk
14.Peter Green – Slaybo Day