Youth Against Drugs presents DRUGS/LSD


Drugs are bad. M’Kay.

1. Intro (1:24)
2. Marijuana (3:43)
3. Morphine (2:57)
4. LSD (5:06)
5. Detecting Drug Use (2:35)
6. Interviews with Drug Users/Outro (10:17)



This granddaddy of all LSD documentaries from 1966 sounds even better today than when it was released. The attitude is mocking and hostile in an understated manner rather than openly confrontational, perhaps because it was made at such an early stage.

Interviews with acid luminaries, regular heads and neutral observers are tied together with classy narration and musical fragments, and an unforgettable peak is reached with an actual trip recording of “Brian”, a hipster acid head who unfortunately happens to have his first bad LSD experience while being recorded (with concealed microphones). The recording is authentic-sounding and either very funny or pretty scary, depending on how hard-core you are.