U-N-I / Ro BLV – A Love Supreme


U-N-I’s latest offering, A Love Supreme, put forth with a “recession-proof theme”, continues the band’s mission of expanding and texturizing hip-hop’s conversation: tackling the lust, love and hate of relationships (“Right Now,” “Desha Dayana”), tossing crafty, whimsical odes to black actresses (“Lauren London”), dramatically dealing with the mundane aspects of struggling artistry through borderline poverty and senseless crime on the sublimely dark “Halftime.” Where Fried Chicken and Watermelon was a spontaneous and easy-going trip backed by a handful of producers, A Love Supreme is a matured and intimate journey produced entirely by west coast producer RO Blvd., who is steadily garnering acknowledgement in underground movements for his boundary-crossing inventiveness.

Y-O says, “We have the best circle of producers in Southern Cali period! We get the most respect out of all these LA groups because of our musical integrity. We have catchy azz hooks with dope lyrics & melodies. The concepts we come up with collectively are daring and that gains a lot of attention.”

01 My Life
02 Windows
03 Supreme
04 Hollywood Hiatus
05 Lately
06 Pulp Fiction Part 1 f. Fashawn
07 The Grudge
08 Voltron
09 Stylin
10 Hammertime
11 Calendar Girls
12 Lauren London
13 Black Sky
14 Halftime
15 A Love Supreme