Grievous Angel presents Fusion Dub: A mix of Miles Davis-inspired jazz, funk and soul, in dub


A great mix created for Blogariddims by Grievous Angel.

This time last year I was waaaaay deep into a series of pilgrimages deep into dubstep, a process that is still ongoing, though not as spiritually all-encompassing as it was. And part of my response to the influx of dubstep vibrations that have been flowing into me since 2005 has been a re-connection with deep dub sounds of… Miles Davis. My connection with Miles has always crossed over with dub, electronics and industrial. I got heavily into Miles, especially the electric period but also the Gil Evans orchestral period, at the same time as I got into Cabaret Voltaire – when I was 13, almost 14. It was only a year or so later that I realised how much of an influence he was on Richard Kirk and Stephen Malinder; all I knew was that the sonics and spaces of 2 X 45 were identical to On the Corner. In the same way as the threads connecting from the Cabs to acid to ardkore and thence to dubstep are obvious, for me, the thematic connection from Miles to dubstep is also clear, but it’s more a matter of influence than direct connection.”

So it was that when I was asked to do a solo outing in the brilliant Blogariddims series, I almost immediately decided to go on a voyage into Miles – in dub. I was going to include a lot of other fusion artists, but not much that I have in that genre really made the grade, so instead I threw in some of the soul and funk that influenced Miles in this period. And naturally, I used as my raw material much of Bill Laswell’s fabulous Panthalassa CD, which adds a layer of dub and re-edits to Miles’ originals. I simply re-edited and re-dubbed what Laswell did. All in all it’s an appropriate way for Blogariddims series to greet Beltane. I hope you enjoy it.” – Grievous Angel

Miles Davis: Bitches Brew intro
Miles Davis: Agharta Prelude Dub
Miles Davis: Miles Runs the Voodoo Down (Edit)
Parliament: Dr Funkenstein (Live) (edit)
Miles Davis: What If
Curtis Mayfield: Stone Junkie (Live)
Miles Davis: Billy Preston
Headhunters: God Made Me Funky (Edit)
Miles Davis: Black Satin
Miles Davis: Bitches Brew (Edit)
Miles Davis: In A Silent Way / Shhh Peaceful (Bill Laswell dub)
Curtis Mayfield: I Plan To Stay a Believer (Live)
Miles Davis: It’s About That Time