Crossfaded Bacon presents Sal Paradise – Sal’s Live Mixing


Found a nice tech-house-minimal style from Sal Paradise set over at Crossfaded Bacon.

“And now for something completely different… When I first envisioned the 1st & 15th Mix Series, I imagined it becoming slightly more diverse than it’s so far shaped up to be. This mix is the first step in attempting to push this mix series outward and onward. So, this time around, we invited our dude Sal Paradise to do a mix and he chose a really interesting change of pace with a long, live mix of Minimal Techno and Tech House. I’m not intimately schooled in a lot of this music so I found this mix really fun and eye-opening. It’s often dark and spacey, but moves along gracefully and is a really solid listen to front to back. Check out Sal’s blog for more info or go see him play in NYC sometime.” – CFB

01. Tokyo Black Star – Game Over (Loco Dice 5am at the Tsukiji)
02. Martin Landsky – 1000 Miles
03. Jamie Jones – The Capsule
04. Agoria – Les Platiques Ives
05. Gabriel Ananda – Lo Go
06. Herman Shwartz – Replicante Suffering
07. Shonky, Jennifer Cardini – Lies
08. Thomas Schumacher – Is Not
09. Christian Smith, John Selway – Total Departure (Cirez D Remix)
10. Wighnomy Brothers – Hankkofloppe
11. Oel & Polygon – Insitinto Primario
12. Henry Saiz – Lady In The Mirror
13. Joris Voorn – A Thousand Lost Souls
14. Aril Brikha – Berghain
15. Sunshine Anderson – Force Of Nature (Blaze Remix)
16. Womack & Womack – Strange & Funny (Shelter Remix)
17. Claudio Mate – Everything in’s Okay in Detroit